215 Robert Parker Coffiin Rd Long Grove
248 Robert Parker Coffin Rd.
Long Grove, IL 60047
ph. 847-883-8867
Jack & Alice McLean

Jack McLean

In a 35 year dialogue with materials, I am learning when to impose my will and when to listen.  With each piece, with each series, I learn to recognize completion.  I want my pieces to look "made," to retain evidence of my hand and thought.  Working in series builds a momentum that wears away the non-essential to reveal what is primitive and authentic.

Jack McLean

Our pieces are bronze and copper constructions- welded, machined and colored with hot process patinas.  Antique and glass beads are treated as found objects in still life.

We observe the reaction of a few basic chemical formulas on prepared bronze surfaces in the presence of heat.  We can see a natural progression from perfecting surface treatments, to deconstructing and burning patinas that we once considered finished.

Alice McLean

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