215 Robert Parker Coffiin Rd Long Grove
248 Robert Parker Coffin Rd.
Long Grove, IL 60047
ph. 847-883-8867

About The Potter

Playing with clay began in the farmlands and parks of Iowa.  As early as eight, I dug my own clay and created a series of miniature sculptures.  Through high school these miniature sculptures evolved into practical containers.  In recent years, my love of pottery never waned as I pursued my engineering career and motherhood.  Now I spend my peaceful moments throwing on a wheel, altering a piece, creating glazes, and firing a kiln.

I have studied and experimented with many different types of ceramic forms, surface decorations, clay bodies, glazes and types of firing. This exploration led me to my passion for botanical porcelain forms and translucent and crystalline glazes.

Ceramics is an outlet that represents serenity in my life.  Living in a world that overstresses efficiency, pace and outcome, I am typically in a terrible rush.  When I sit at the wheel or alter a vessel, I am free to escape to a tranquil space.  My goal is to create pieces that when viewed, allow you to capture a moment of serenity.

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