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Elizabeth Berrien

Wire Sculpture

elizabeth berrienElizabeth Berrien was born in 1950. All her life, she has had an intuitive affinity for animals. As a small child she would stretch out on the lawn for hours, studying the goings-on of ants and other small insects. She would gently catch honeybees in her bare hands, hold them awhile, and let them go again. At age five, gazing at the ceiling during nap time, she visualized a long line looping back on itself. Picking up two pencils and a ball of string, she invented a crude form of knitting to make a tiny blanket for her pet turtle. The turtle rejected the gift, but Berrien continues to pioneer new uses for fiber.

Berrien has now been producing distinctive wire sculptures for 37 years. She creates museum quality wire sculptures of any animal imaginable, as well as human and botanical forms. A 3-D technical illustrator, Berrien adds the same energy to inanimate objects, from architectural elements to spacecraft.

Animals have always been a presence in Elizabeth Berrien's life. She currently lives on a farm on California's rugged north coast. She shares her life with cats, dogs and horses, with occasional visits from foxes, raccoons, bears and mountain lions.

Major clients include Nieman-Marcus, The Nature Company, Disney World, Saatchi & Saatchi, Gensler and Associates, Disney World, Marine World/Africa USA, The Los Angeles Zoo, Louisville International Airport, Parc des Topiares (Belgium), and Usui Design (Tokyo), Bal Harbour Shops, and many architects and interior designers.

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