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Donna McGinnis

Donna McGinnis

Donna McGinnis was born in Spokane Washington and grew up in an artistic family. Her mother was an artist, her grandmother a musician and her father a photographer. Drawing came naturally to her, as she had very vivid memories of admiring her father’s black and white photography. These silvery prints inspired McGinnis. Through his love affair with the still image, McGinnis learned composition, Chiaroscuro (light and dark tonality), form and line, in essence the basics of formal art theory. McGinnis took early private art lessons and later went on to major in art in high school and then was awarded her Bachelors of Arts at Washington State University. After graduation, McGinnis moved to California and settled in San Francisco. With a degree in graphic design, McGinnis soon found employment as a color consultant for Fiberboard Co. Here she selected interior and exterior color palettes for housing developments. It was during her spare time that she pursued her own artistic aspirations of painting full time. With dedication, McGinnis began selling more and more until soon, her dream of becoming a professional artist became a reality. She currently lives and works in Northern California and maintains a studio in Petaluma.

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