215 Robert Parker Coffiin Rd Long Grove
248 Robert Parker Coffin Rd.
Long Grove, IL 60047
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Diana Cutrone

The everyday experience of this sensory realm moves me to try to claim it somehow, to say what I think and feel and see. As a visual artist I give voice to that need through the medium of paint.  The realistic imagery that I include in my work is an outgrowth of a love of the visual. I am captured by the way light and shadow reveal and sculpt a form; and I try, as artists have tried for centuries to mirror that in paint.  This I do with traditional oil painting techniques, laying down dark paint first and building up to the lighter, thicker areas. The longer I have painted, the more intrigued I have become by the qualities of the paint itself.  I find myself exploring the possibilities of the medium through areas of abstraction, where I can “play” with the paint in less rigid ways.  I can apply it with a palette knife, scrape it off, let it drip, etc.. The combination of realism and abstraction has allowed me to highlight, very closely, one image, while the rest of the painting becomes abstracted space. To me it seems this is often the way we experience life — small areas of intense focus; the rest becomes peripheral vision.

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